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The Novella Fronda Foundation was set up in Padua on November 9, 2012 by the initiative of Luigi Gallimberti, psychiatrist and toxicologist, with the aim of carrying out research in support of addiction treatment in the fields of pharmaceutical drugs, illegal drugs, gambling, videogames, internet and cybersex. Addiction, contrary to the general public opinion, is an actual brain disease. Unfortunately, over the years social disapproval of addiction has slowed down the pace of research and development in this area, despite its unstoppable spread. 


The Novella Fonda Foundation has a dual mission: firstly, to fill this gap, restoring the dignity of people with an addiction, trying to treat them in the best possible way, and secondly to prevent the onset of such pathologies, especially among young and very young people.

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Luigi Gallimberti, Dante De Benedetti, Regina Bertipaglia

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