from the first years of life


Novella Fronda Foundation, through its projects and initiatives, carries out an important prevention campaign that is concentrated from the first years of children’s life.

Below, our main projects.


Morfeo Project: Parents and Children 

The research and prevention project Morpheus: Parents-Children (MPC) promotes proper sleep cycle and the benefits of learning how to wait, thus preventing the onset of problems of abuse and also of real addictions among young and very young. 


This project, carried out in collaboration with the Chicco Observatory, includes a book that tells a story with a happy ending, entitled Sleep Tight. It is a very useful tool to inform parents about how important it is for their children to sleep properly and to not expect everything immediately, but learn the art of waiting.


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Ninna Nanna Project

For the first time, a pilot project has studied sleep habits of about 1000 children between 1 and 5 years of age, highlighting a close correlation between sleep deprivation and the onset of inappropriate behaviour, such as not responding to rules, and uncontrolled use of iPads, tablets and smartphones. In these children it was more frequent to observe a defiant attitude towards authority (parents, grandparents, teachers) and an accusative attitude towards others. 


This survey was carried out in collaboration with A.P.R.F.E.F. and Rotary Euganea Padova. 

Pinocchio Project (2012 to 2018)

The Pinocchio project has made it possible to carry out several observational studies over the years with the aim of investigating children’s habits with regards to the use of modern technologies (videogames, smartphones, internet) and the use of substances (energy drinks, alcohol, marijuana) in children of age between 11 and 13 years. The results of these studies have identified age as a closely related factor in the potential onset of new tech addiction and problematic addictive behaviour such as videogames. These behavioural patterns, in turn, increase the likelihood of early use of alcohol, cigarettes, or energy drinks, and gambling.  

These studies also recognised a statistically significant increase of problematic social behaviour in children who sleep less than 8 hours per day.

Buonanotte Project

Thanks to the Buonanotte (“Goodnight”) project, carried out in collaboration with the The Italian Federation of Primary Care Pediatricians (FIMP), sleep patterns and behavioural variables were investigated such as the use of technological devices (smartphones, tablets, internet, digital TV) in a representative sample of the Italian infant population (about 3000 children aged between 1 and 5, from 11 Italian regions). The study found that sleep deprivation (less than 9 hours) correlates with problematic use of smartphones and tablets, and with behavioural problems that are strongly associated with the use of substances in adolescence.