together we do more


Gallimberti STP Srl

The Novella Fronda Foundation was founded in 2012, thanks to the generosity of several donors and the decisive contribution of Gallimberti STP Srl. Today this collaboration is mainly scientific and is regulated by a framework agreement that defines the roles of Gallimberti STP Srl and the Foundation. 

Zardi Gori Foundation

The Zardi Gori and Novella Fronda Foundations are both dedicated to scientific research in the field of addiction. The scientific direction of the first is both preclinical and clinical, that of the second exclusively clinical. The Zardi and Gori foundation was set up by the initiative of the couple Zardi and Gori, who have worked all their life in the field of addictions in order to continue this commitment after their retirement.

Salus Pueri Foundation

The Salus Pueri Foundation was formed in Padua, over 25 years ago, and has devoted its work mainly to research and treatment of rare diseases in children. The foundation’s strategic vision to safeguard children’s health is through a combination of: family, school, paediatricians and health policy makers. The collaboration born between the two Foundations is a symbiosis; each helping the other in achieving their goals.  

Villa Park Napoleon

As a psychiatric nursing home, Villa Park Napoleon is part of the Italian Health System, which collaborates with Gallimberti STP Srl for research projects implemented by the Novella Fronda Foundation. For example, a research project on gambling is currently underway which uses state-of-the-art methods at an international level. 

University of Padua

For some years the Novella Fronda Foundation has collaborated and published a series of works on addiction prevention with the Postgraduate Specialisation School in Hygiene and Preventive Medicine of the University of Padua. 

Other collaborations are also underway with the Department of General Psychology of the University of Padua, some of which have already published scientific articles. 

Bicocca University of Milan

The Novella Fronda Foundation has signed a framework agreement with the Department of Sociology of the Bicocca University of Milan. Particular attention will be paid to the study of individual and social differences in the use of the internet, to the quality of social life, and to the digitization of schools and education, coordinated by Prof. Marco Gui. 

Istituto Superiore di Sanità

The Novella Fronda Foundation has signed a framework agreement with the Istituto Superiore di Sanità whose main objective is to carry out shared research projects in the field of treatment and prevention of substance and behavioural addictions.