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Sleep Tight. Healthy and strong children 

In modern society, dazed by the many achievements of progress and especially of technological development, people tend to sleep less and less and want everything-and-straight-away, with the inevitable consequence of feeling less and less satisfied and a little more unhappy with every day that passes. To reverse this trend there is a viable alternative: to ensure that our children, from the moment they “land” on our planet, sleep the necessary hours and learn, from an early age, the art of waiting. These are two simple rules of ancient common sense, which are unfortunately often forgotten. This book will help you to find them again. With 20 drawings by Nina Nasilli, in collaboration with Chicco Observatory – Baby Research Center. 

«The good news comes from Italy. And precisely from Padua, where a group [of researchers headed by Novella Fronda Foundation] is experimenting with a brain stimulation technique that seems to give promising results. Whoever undergoes it not only gets rid of addiction, but above all does not fall back into it. And this opens up hope for millions of people whose lives are at risk.» – National Geographic, September 2017

Is it possible to cure cocaine addiction? Until recently, none of the trodden paths – often long, arduous, painful, and prone to easy relapses – had proved effective. This book tells a different story. The discovery of a cutting-edge treatment developed after years of research by the psychiatrist Luigi Gallimberti and his team has revolutionized the treatment of cocaine addiction. Without pain, without side effects or health risks, as evidenced by the recent CE mark given to the used equipment. With the use of personal accounts and engaging case studies, the book tells how this extraordinary scientific discovery came about. A book full of hope and light, the light that reappears in the eyes of the patients. The light that the addiction had threatened to extinguish.

Once Upon a Time There Was a Child… The neuroscientific basis of common sense.

Dying of Pleasure. Drug addiction, from treatment to prevention 

Dark Drinking. Journey into the mysteries of alcoholism